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An Open Letter to Yahoo!

Hello there! I hope that everyone and anyone who works for Yahoo! is fine and well. You guys do a great job and have built a wonderful search engine. However, as a user, I really hope you will not mind if I address some criticism your way, constructive in nature, of course.

I find myself wondering why I have Yahoo! as my homepage, yet I use Google for my searches. I’ll open up my browser, see the Yahoo! homepage, browse through the headline articles, and then go over to Google to search. For some reason, this has become my inclination.

I take enjoyment in the Trending Now section. Occasionally, something will catch my mind, and after a mere click, moments later, I’ll end up finding out something new—sometimes it will be a knowledgeable occurrence.

However, the thing that irked me, and ultimately created an urge for me to pen this letter, was the repetition of featured articles. I am your fan. I read your articles. Many do not. Often, in the comments, other users will express their disdain over some of the topics that are picked. Yahoo!, you are a big company. Surely enough, you have the ability in you to hire writers who can conjure articles that truly captivate attention and truly deliver. Your writers are great—their topics sometimes fail, and new, fresh content, is not readily available.

If I, as a daily user, have read a piece weeks ago, I shouldn’t have to read it again. I use the term “have” liberally. Guaranteed, no one is holding me down and forcing me to click on the hyperlink to the title, but nevertheless, the pull to ‘click’ on the link is no stranger of an experience.  I so want to find out more about the “Failed Attempts and Beauty” and the “Cringeworthy Beauty Looks to Avoid,” but just imagine my dismay when I realize that my click is of no use as I have already read that content before.

To the employees of Yahoo!, I assure you the my intent bears no stain of ill will. I truly write this because I want to see you prosper. As a consumer, and a user, for as long as I remember, my homepage has been Yahoo!. I am only 17, so I have a long ways to go. Hopefully, I could help. Thank you for even taking out the time to read my comments and feedback about this search engine. Sometimes a fresh response helps. I wish this to be true in this case as well. With great optimism, I wish I actually hear back from you. That would be, like, totally cool. And rad! 

Hey, if you happen to read this, please pass it around. It would be amazing if someone actually heard my voice and took a different perspective into consideration. 

Feel free to comment below and tell me your views! Thank You!