Play Life Like A Game

To Curious Eyes:

I was just thinking—and no, that’s not a first, for all you wannabe comedians out there….

Life seems like a game. It seems like one of those games with obstacles. (How cliché, does that sound?) I remember this one game on a Cingular cellphone called “Prince of Persia”. It was a big hit amongst my cousins and I. I remember playing it for hours upon hours and all of us became extremely competitive about what level we were on. But my point of bringing this up was that I remember the obstacles that came up which the Prince would have to overcome. Whether it was an evil bad guy, or a jump too high to make, the Prince almost always got through. Sure, he had to pull out his sword, but he got there.

We All Have To Fight To Win...Don't We?

I think that’s how my life is. There are so many obstacles in the way which I have to overcome. Yes, some of these are major, similar to those which caused a life loss in the game, but most of them are small. They are the ones I encounter on everyday basis.

I opened my browser to get started on my homework, this time it was  the news stories on Yahoo which became a block in my way. Of course, due to curiosity, I am compelled to look through all the stories and read them. But all that takes time away from my work.

I guess I just have to learn how to discipline myself. My dad tells me to set a schedule of everything which I am going to do, and give myself time limits. At first I deemed it to be unrealistic because I do not have a good relationship with the process of setting goals and achieving them. But he is right. I need to teach myself how to set goals again. And this time, I have to stop making them so unrealistic so that I won’t end up a failure.

Wow, what a waste of a post.


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


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