Original Intentions

To Curious Eyes:

Hey, there. I see you’ve clicked your way around the web of wonders, also known as the ‘Internet’, and ended up here. My original intentions were for this to be a venue of release for me-release of emotions. But I got so into life, and I had no time to write about it.

But then, today after school, I was sitting with a friend and a teacher, looking at this, and rereading my previous posts. My original intentions came back to me, and I decided I missed this. So here I am again, writing about what I am thinking for perhaps the pleasure of those who are either in the midst of procrastinating or whatever.

Sophomore year of high school’s almost over. WOAH. WOAH. WOAH.

This is going so fast.


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.





3 responses to “Original Intentions

  1. I can’t believe a SOPHOMORE is complaining. Seriously. You’ve got to more years of major exponentially accelerating stress to go. (<– my junior year physics jargon)

    But yes, indeed, this is year is practically whizzing by.

  2. If things always ended up as planned, we’d be all Gods

  3. HA, compared to senior year…u hav no idea…seriously, think its hectic NOW? just u wait till Junior year….and THEN the college apps dude…plus i think since u started something, stick with it till the end ^^

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