Diversity and Tolerance

To Curious Eyes,

Here is my humble opinion about International Burn a Quran Day:

The world we live in is very diverse. As we all know, not all humans are alike. People differ in many ways from what they look like to what they believe in. As a result, to live in harmony, there is an absolute necessity for tolerance among all. It is a grave ordeal to create such a society which shelters all people with equality. In the American Constitution, residents of the United States are given many rights, some of which other people around the world are deprived of. Shouldn’t these rights be used for the betterment of society? Or, should they be used to create unwanted conflict?

Dr. Terry Jones, the senior pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center, located in Gainesville, Florida, has planned an event which he refers to as “International Burn a Quran Day”. This event is to take place on September 11th. (Why would you use the death of 3,000 innocent human beings as an excuse to initiate more violence?) The church has also put up a sign which reads, Islam is of the Devil”.

Dr. Terry Jones and the Hateful Signs

Mr. Jones, if I were to meet you I’d tell you the truth, the truth which is never told. I’d tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. I’d tell you that the believers of Islam believe in Jesus as a prophet. I’d tell you that Muslims believe the t, also known as the New Testament, to be a book of God. Islam is not a religion of deception or fear.

The Muslim dominated countries which you refer to as users of oppression are non believers. Those so-called Muslims that kill people from other religions are not true believers. They are extremists. Extremists- you hear that word a lot in the news. An extremist is not a person who follows the teachings of their religion to the highest degree possible, instead they tend to manipulate it for their personal benefit. For example, Al Qaeda is called an extremist group. That does not mean that members of Al Qaeda follow the teachings of Islam devotedly. In fact, they do not follow the teachings of Islam at all. A Muslim is a believer of Islam. Islam does not teach any of the things Al Qaeda believes, so how can they be Muslims?

Mr. Jones, you live in such a country which gives you the freedom to do as you wish. I, humbly ask you to rethink your wish. What will you gain from burning the Holy Book of Islam? Why would you want to use your freedom to create chaos and a possible threat for violence? Just because you don’t believe in the Quran, doesn’t mean you should disrespect it. You say you don’t hate any people. If you don’t hate them, why are you burning their sacred book?

You have admitted that this act you have planned could result in violence. Why are you still doing it then? Doesn’t God want peace among the people? Are you doing anything to help that?

We are all diverse and we all believe in different things. But one thing which we all should have in common is tolerance.

I hope I was able to convey some of the truth. I am not yet an adult, but as children, aren’t we taught things like “Sharing is Caring” and tolerance? Where does all that go to when you turn into an adult?


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


5 responses to “Diversity and Tolerance

  1. Excellent post can you suggest any forums to join?

  2. Wait,

    Am I the only person who noticed that he wants everyone to go out and purchase Qur’ans? This is awesome! Undoubtedly most will go in a bonfire of intolerance and hatred, and that is regrettable, but some people will buy their Qur’an early and it will sit on their counter or shelf or desk, and they might be bored with whatever they watch on television, and they might open it up and read it.

    Whomever God leads, nobody can lead astray.

    On another note, you just have to suck this up. The guy who created the “Piss Christ” (photo of a crucifix submerged in his urine) got a grant to support the arts from the United States Federal Government. People were very upset, but freedom of speech means freedom to be a horrible jerk (as long as it doesn’t directly lead to anyone committing a crime or being injured). You don’t need a law to protect you for saying nice, pleasant things that everyone agrees with.

  3. Its really easy sometimes, to automatically want to fight fire with fire, when you find out that people really DO think things like this. For example, every single day many newspapers follow the growing group of people that oppose the building of the Mosque near the 9/11 grounds. And its not because they are sad about the deaths of their beloveds as much as they need someone or SOME people to blame. Its really a biased and unfair way to think.

    A couple of centuries ago, there was a group of people that believed the same thing. They unfairly hurt those who were different from them and justified it through religion. Do you know who they were? A group that was well backed by almost ALL Christians of the day. Nothing was ever done, even by the government to stop them, nor did the few that believed that they were wrong. They were the Klu Klux Klan.

    As you mentioned before, Noor, those terrorist are NOT muslims. Most are just people that, ever since an early age, been BRAINWASHED to think that what ever they were doing was ok, and backed up by God. How can Dr. Terry Jones BEGIN to compare these sort of sadists to devoted followers of a religion that he doesnt seem to even understand? How can he call others “devils” if he resorts to petty behavior like burning others’ Holy Books? Do you see ANY muslim gathering destroying anything sacred of Christians? No, they wouldnt because not only is it ignorant but also childish. So if extremists come and kill your people you all should go and bind EVERYONE in similar religion in the same handcuffs and blame them ALL?? Fear and lack of knowledge create this sort of social jargon.

    I was upset and hurt to hear about this. It makes me angry when other people seem to not know any better than to point fingers at the innocent. And yes, they ARE innocent! Those who seem to freak at those who want to create something new where their was once destruction (at the site of the 9/11 attack) are hypocrites as well as idiots. True, there are those who have been hurt by this, but what has all of ISLAM done to hurt them? If instead, someone were to build a church would they have been such melodrama? Its beyond stupidity, in my perspective. Islam is a religion of PEACE as well as tolerance. Something, in my mind, all those opposers need a healthy dose off.

  4. This racist ignorant Pastor is as anti-Semite as a Nazi German was during the Holocaust! He’s really repeating what the Nazis thought of Jews and then continued with the Holocaust. This Pastor’s first step is parallel to what these heathens committed against Jews! Next, he will demand to create Auschwitz camps for Muslims.

    And it’s “freedom-of-speech!”


  5. Mr. Pastor should concentrate on the “DOVE” in Dove World Outreach Center, but unfortunately he is doing the opposite.

    Wonderful piece of writeup.

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