Maybe One Day…

To Curious Eyes:

I have a confession to make. I don’t know what to write about! I know, this is mind bogus! But I can’t help it. It is the beginning of August, and I don’t have much to say. Either it’s that or I have way too much to say. Yeah, I think that is it.

I am probably just being extremely lazy. There is so much going on in the world, how can I not have anything to say? There is a massive flood in Pakistan, and the Pakistani president is off on a vacation visiting the U.K. (Arghhh!) There is also the fact that school is approximately a month away. Let’s forget that I mentioned that. I know it’s the truth, but the truth doesn’t always have to be acknowledged. (Ha, am I sly or what?) The holy month of Ramadhan is up and coming for all Muslims in the world. Elena Kagan, has been sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Mrs. Obama and her daughter Sasha are on a controversial trip to Spain.

All This Leaves Me Speechless...Literally!

So much is going on in this world, yet how am I left in such an incapable stage of expressing my opinion. Well, who is going to care for my opinion anyway? There are so many brilliant people in the world. Amongst all their loud and emphatic opinions, what am I worth?

Maybe one day, people will hear not only me, but also all the other people who look like they are just from among those who “roll with the flow”, but in reality, their opinion is so unique and it makes sense. Maybe one day people will unplug their headphones and open their ears to the truth. Maybe one night people will take off their sunglasses and come eye to eye with the sometimes horrible reality which is so blatant.


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


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