What I Want For My Birthday…

To Curious Eyes:

Yes, it’s that time of the year! Tomorrow, on July 24th, 2010, I will be turning another year older. I will be turning 15 and yes, that is halfway to 30. Yeah…yeah, I am getting older, and maybe wiser…

“But, the final thought is What do I Want for my Birthday?”

Yes, you have now become aware of my greedy side too… Now you see, I am going to tell you what I want, and my “wants” don’t have to be realistic. For my birthday I want:

1. World Peace.

I know, it’s crazy but I am sick of all the turmoil that exists. The conflicts, the threats, the friction…ALL OF IT. For once, wouldn’t a headline such as “Neighbor Helps Neighbor Clean His House” be lovely? Happiness among all should be demanded by all.

4. Better-ness for my Family.

This year is crucial all around. A lot of things have to happen. There are many plans which have yet to be followed through with. Please pray for us, and hope that all goes well.

3. Appreciation.

It is about time I get appreciated for all my efforts. Yeah…all the extra things I do daily. (Note: I write this with a devilish smirk on my face.) I don’t know…there isn’t really a good enough explanation for this. Just like to any human being, appreciation is something I am fond of.

4. An Audio Device

I say this out of pure teenager-ish greed. I think that I need a new “sound” device.


This is one of the most realistic things that I want. I feel that my own laptop would provide me with the capability to write whenever I feel like. I am in high school, and a laptop would make my life so much more convenient. I understand my parent’s hesitancy to give me one…but I feel that at 15, I am mature enough. I will not misuse it, and will try to obtain the best benefit possible. I am from among those in which I work best  when I am alone. (Audio, which I like, playing doesn’t bother me most of the time, but people in the room in which I am trying to work do…I become more focused on them then my own work.) The most important for me is the factor that as a student, I will develop through this process with greater ownership and responsibility in their learning which will result in greater self confidence in my academic capabilities! (SCORE…and the crowd goes WILD!) As of right now…now being the night before my birthday, I don’t think my parents have gotten one for me, but oh well. So a laptop for tomorrow…doesn’t seem likely, but I will be more than happy to extend my birthday present deadline. 😉 *wink wink*

I would also like happiness for my family, good grades in school, and better ability to be the best that I can be… I would also like more subscribers to this blog and more people who would give feedback to make my writing better. I would like safety for every one. Especially for those who are being denied their human rights (Ex: Ahmadies in Pakistan). I would like for everyone to be aware of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and their message for peace and love for all. (www.alislam.org)

Believe Me...

For now, that is it. See  you tomorrow…when I am actually 15!


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


10 responses to “What I Want For My Birthday…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Haha, I would want a Pony =( they are cute, okay?
    But I love your list. Hope you get everything in it.
    Have a great birthday!
    Update us about it =)

    Ruku x

  3. I wish for world peace almost every day! hope you got some of the things you wanted for your birthday!

  4. Happy birthday – late but still. World Peace is a good wish.

  5. Happy Birthday (don’t know if I’m late or earlier). I am also dreaming of a laptop. I can’t afford to buy one. Wish someone could gift me. 😦

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