Initiation of Summer ’10!

To Curious Eyes:

To start off, it’s SuMmEr time! Oh Yeah! It’s the time every student longs for during their time at school especially on those Sunday nights when the homework is incomplete, and those dreadful Monday mornings.

Well, yeah… My finals are done and over with! They were all good (with a few exception, of course)!

But as I said before, it’s Summer!

My goals for this summer are to get healthier, to work, and to hang out with family! Tomorrow is exciting for me because my cousins are coming over, from another country!!!

This summer, like any other summer, could be the best one ever, or the worst one. There are many things that could happen this summer and they could change my life. I know as a teenager, my summer vacations are limited, considering when I grow up, their is a chance I might not have Summers off, so I am definitely going to make the best of this one! Oh yeah, and my birthday is during the summer as well…

Well, right now, I am going to just enjoy the hot summer night, and i’ll keep on posting to you guys.

Hey…What are your summer plans?


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.

This picture sums up the aura of SUMMER!


2 responses to “Initiation of Summer ’10!

  1. my summer plans included studying for the college, studying for the forces, work out, blogging and wasting as much time possible on the net 😛

    • Ha, seems like thats what my plans are turning out to be…except for the studying for college (I am not in college yet) and wasting as much time possible on the net!
      Thanks for reading!

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