Finals Update

To Curious Eyes:

I know, long time no post. But oh my god…have I been busy! Final Exams just started. The World Cup is going on. School is almost over and Summer is almost here! Except for the first one, all those things are good news. Well, today was a crazy day.

Actually, let me start with last night. It was a late Sunday night. I was studying for my finals.  I was typing up my history outline, and researching the stuff I didn’t know. My parents come home, and I get off the computer. I knew I wasn’t done with the studying though. But I was extremely exhausted. So, using my bad judgement I decided to take a half hour nap and pull the famous ‘All-nighter.’ So I put on my unreliable alarm clock, remind my sisters to wake me up in half an hour, and fall into my peaceful sleep. Next thing I know, it’s morning. Not just any time, but 6:30 am. Normally I wake up at 6 am. So now instead of the half hour nap, I got the half hour study cram session. I decided to skip home room, and go to my final exam room.

Today, I took my Geometry and History finals. Geometry was alright. I knew just about everything, but towards the end, I had to go really fast. I had to bubble in some random answers for a couple at the end. Hopefully those random answers were the correct ones…

Next, after a way too short ten minute break, I had to go take my History final. Oh History, if you repeat yourself, why can’t we just wait and deal with you in the future? But, as a helpless student, I was left with a thick packet filled with scrutinizing multiple choice questions and two long essay questions.  Using my ‘knowledge’ I tackled the test and did the best that I possibly could.

All in all, I tried my best, and I will wait optimistically for the results. Please pray and wish.

Tomorrow, I have my health and English finals…uhh.

If Only This Didn't Happen....


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


One response to “Finals Update

  1. hello, i just stumbled upon your blog! good luck with tomorrows finals! it’ll be well worth it and feel amazingly awesome when you’re finally done.

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