To Curious Eyes:

Oh Lordy, this week is going to be so hectic. Last week of classes and the FiNaLs. Oh God, that word: F-I-N-A-L-S just sends chills down my back. The funny thing is, that we are still learning new stuff in class. Some teachers are bombarding (I love that word!) us with last minute work. I know that before finals I have so much to do. Midterms weren’t exactly the sweetest candy around, so this time I’ll have to do a lot better. Hopefully I can. Oh well, this is going to be really short because:

  1. It’s 10: 40 p.m.
  2. I am tired. My eyes are literally half open.
  3. I have other homework to complete. (I think)
  4. I have a history project due on Wednesday
  5. My time on the computer is running out. Pretty soon, my dad is going to come and tell me that I need the “evacuate” the computer now.
  6. It’s 10:42 p.m.

So, I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy life. Oh, and hopefully your weekend was flowing fabulousness.

My Appearance While Studying for Exams


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


2 responses to “Ahh!

  1. سیـــار

    High school really was the most suckiest time of my life.

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