Science Fiction

To Curious Eyes:

Terrifying Teacher

Here I am, sitting an procrastinating on my English assignment that is due tomorrow. I decided to make a blog post so in my mind, the procrastination is justified. Hey…it’s still writing, right? Laugh all you want, I’ll even justifly it more. This blog post is actually about my assignment. The assignment is actually very fun..

“You have to write your own science fiction story. In your science fiction story, you must include at least 3 of the aspects of science fiction (the use of real science, the use of imagined science, a setting in the future, a setting in another dimension or outer space, robots, aliens, creatures of another world, time travel, etc.) Your story must be at least 2 pages (maximum-4), double-spaced, and should include some dialogue between characters.”

So…yeah, I have to write a story at there is a page limit on it. I mean, she better not be expecting anything marvelous. What can you write in 4 pages double spaced? I haven’t even gotten to the middle of my exciting story and already I am at  the end of the 2nd page. Bummer!

Oh well, a girls gotta work with what she gotta work with! So my story is about a teacher and a student. Typical…right? If you said yes…well, you’re WRONG. My story is about an evil teacher who bombards her students with work. She has her own life to concentrate on. So she is a teacher who doesn’t teach, but invests her time in scientific machines. Yeah…nothing too great. It’s not my fault. I want to expand it, but limitations won’t enable me to. Urgh!

Yeah, now it’s time to stop complaining, and get over my procrastination and get to work. Maybe I’ll post the story on here when I am done. Just a warning, don’t expect anything over the top. I am not that good of a writer. But my intentions are to improve.


I am Perfect. Ha, if only.


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