Ms. Seddon and her Patashkakos

So the following is the story I talked about in my previous post. This is not my best whatsoever. But feel free to leave comments with criticism or compliments. I’ll happily take both.

It was a Friday afternoon, and all eyes were on the clock. “Class, your homework for tonight is to do problem #1-90, all, on page 666,” announced Ms. Seddon. She was a fairly young teacher with brown hair and brown eyes who usually never smiled. Listening to her assignment, the whole class let out a sigh, but obediently they took out their planner and started writing down the assignment. Ms. Seddon was always bombarding them with homework on the weekend. Her students felt like she was always out to get them. If they didn’t do their homework for even one day, she failed them for the marking period. As a result, the students were extra cautious in the class, not because they loved math, but because they all had expectations which they had to live up to.

Briana Fly, a brunette with sparkling green eyes, was one of the students in her class. Like all her classmates, she had also sighed when Ms. Seddon had announced the homework assignment. She opened to page 786, and saw that all the problems were advanced Pre Calculus. But she knew that like her classmates, she would have to teach this to herself.

Ms. Seddon looked at all of her students. Kids these days,” she thought to herself. These kids have no brains. They don’t realize that math is everything. They don’t realize that without math you can’t do anything. Math can save your life. It is by using math, you can calculate the distance between a car right before an accident. English, Science, and Social Studies are not going to help them. She was as eager for the bell to ring as her students were. Only she knew that she was going to have fun this weekend, unlike her students who will be working all weekend. She felt fulfilled. Her duty as a teacher to torture students was being completed. The bell rang, and she quickly walked out of the classroom leaving her students to pack up their belongings. She was always in a hurry to go home.

Meanwhile, Briana walked to her locker carrying her 7 pound math textbook. The book itself wasn’t that heavy but Ms. Seddon had made them tape bricks to the cover. She knew that this weekend was just going to be like any other. Her math homework would take forever. After getting her books and her sweater, Briana walked out to the bike stand. She unlocked her bike from the bike stand. Ms. Seddon walked past her hurriedly. Briana couldn’t help but wonder why Ms. Seddon was always in such a hurry. It’s not like she ever leaves her house anyway, Briana thought. Briana peddled to her house, and put her bike away in the garage. She went to the kitchen and got herself a snack. No one was home yet. Her parents were both still at work, and her younger brother John, was still at school. Briana went to her room and put on some music.  She looked out her window and saw Ms. Seddon carrying in a bag of groceries into her house. Briana and Ms. Seddon were neighbors.

Ms. Seddon quickly walked in the driveway to her door. She put her groceries away in record time. She changed out of her work clothes, to home clothes. She was determined to make some progress on her machine, her machine in the attic. She was so proud of the machine. She called it Kerplexafungadoosh 24. This machine enabled her to travel out of space whenever she wanted in her convenience. You might be wondering what a math teacher would want to do in space. No, nothing scientific; in fact she was on a mission. She was going to go to space for an alien. Now, this wasn’t going to be her first time going to space. She had gone numerous times before. This time, she wanted to bring back an alien, an alien from the planet Patash. The aliens inhabiting Patash were called Patashkakos. They used their neurological connections to find mathematical formulas to determine the brain level of a human being. After doing so, it established a brain level higher than that of the human. Using the advantage in brain level, it manipulated the humans into doing what it wanted it to do. Ms. Seddon wanted to be in control of a Patashkako. By that, she would obtain power over humans and she would use those humans to torture kids all over the world. She got ready for her flight and off she went. When Ms. Seddon arrived at Patash, she met up with Jinako. Jinako was a curious Patashkako. His desire to visit Planet Earth made it easier for Ms. Seddon to convince him to come to Earth with her.

Briana’s mom was at home now. She was in the kitchen, baking cookies. She made a big platter and called Briana down. “Briana, sweetie, why don’t you take these over to Ms. Seddon next door? The poor thing never leaves her house. I think she would appreciate some warm cookies,” Briana’s mom said. Briana frowned. “But Mo-o-m, I am working on my math homework. Can’t you ask John to do it?” Briana asked. Her mom replied, “No dear, I asked you to do it.

Briana walked up to Ms. Seddon’s driveway. She rang the doorbell, but no one came to the door. She tried turning the doorknob. It opened. Hesitantly, she walked in. If Ms. Seddon really didn’t want anyone in her house, she would have locked the door. She called Ms. Seddon’s name repeatedly. After putting the platter of cookies of the kitchen table, she heard a ‘whirring’ noise. It was coming from upstairs.  Briana pondered if everything was okay. She walked up the stairs. She came upon this strange machine with wires in and out. The buttons were lighting on and off. All of a sudden, the machine let out white fog. The fog began to clear. Then she saw, Ms. Seddon appear with a strange orange animal with a glowing bulge in his head.

Ms. Seddon’s eyes widened upon the sight of Briana. Since the Patashkako was smart, and could read minds, he noticed the evil intentions of Ms. Seddon. Ms. Seddon had planned to use all her students and make them her slaves. For months now, she had been giving them brain overload just so she could get their brains as sharp as possible. Jinako used his brainpower to overpower that of Ms. Seddon’s.  He then told her that she was supposed to treat every student fairly. She was not supposed to make them work so much that their brains’ fried. Ms. Seddon was out of it for a couple hours after that.

For Briana, Jinako decided to increase her neurological level. With that knowledge, Briana built a robot. She called her Seddsy. Seddsy came home with Briana. Briana liked Seddsy a lot. Seddsy helped Briana with her Pre Calculus homework.

On Monday, when Briana woke up for school, she was nervous. She didn’t know what to expect at school from Ms. Seddon. Briana got ready and rode her bike to school. While she was at her locker, Briana’s friend Mike came up and said, “Man! Have you seen Ms Seddon? She is high. She’s being all nice and everything. My pencil dropped on the floor and instead of telling me how clumsy I am, she picked it up for me. She even sharpened it before she gave my pencil back.” Weird! Briana got really nervous. She walked to class with her books. At the door, she froze in shock. Ms. Seddon was wearing a pink dress with flowers on it. She even had a flower in her hair.

Briana went to take her seat. The bell rang, and Ms. Seddon began talking. “Class, today we will be relearning addition. I decided to make today’s class review considering its Monday. Who really wants to actually learn on Mondays?” She continued on with her lesson. Briana and her class were confused. They were awed at how the devil turned into and angel in only one weekend. Briana of course knew why. But she wasn’t expecting Ms. Seddon to really change.

Towards the end of the period Ms. Seddon told the class that tomorrow, they would be learning about subtracting numbers WITHOUT regrouping. Her classmates looked at each other with a questioning look on their faces. Ms. Seddon announced, “And today class, you have no homework!” This got the whole class cheering.

Briana went home and felt very pleased. School was going to be so much better, she thought. That night, for the first time in ages, Briana was able to fall asleep early. She couldn’t help but to get up in the middle of the night and sneak a couple of her mom’s delicious cookies.

NOTE: Please don’t misuse my work. If you need something, please ask me for it in the comments. Please let me know if this information is being used. Thanks so much in advance.


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